The Gift of Christmas Prayers

I just saw a funny cartoon of the three wise men bringing their gifts to baby Jesus and saying, “Just to be perfectly clear, these gifts are for your birthday AND Christmas.”

As someone born the day after Christmas, that cartoon makes me smile.

Thankfully, my mom was always so careful to not let my birthday get tangled up with Christmas day when I was young. Though she was probably exhausted from the busyness of Christmas week as a mom of three little girls, she always made sure that my birthday was set apart and special.

She’d get up early to wrap my gifts in birthday paper and make my favorite lasagna and lemon birthday cake from scratch every year. I even have a photo from my 7th birthday where she hung pink and blue streamers over the dinner table alongside the red and green Christmas decorations.

Though my mom’s love languages were acts of service and gift giving, the greatest gift my mom ever gave me was that she faithfully prayed for me and my family. It’s the gift I miss the most from her.

In the midst of these busy last ten days before Christmas, what if we begin to see prayer as one of the greatest gifts we can give our loved ones this Christmas?

Here are some fun and creative ways to focus on prayer as a gift this Christmas:

  • Write a prayer for your child you’ll read to them on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning.
  • Buy a journal for your child to give them on Christmas and encourage them to write their own prayers to God in the journal over the next year.
  • Buy a journal for YOU to write prayers for your loved ones throughout the new year. Tell them you will be journaling your prayers for them. You may even want to give them the journal with your written prayers next Christmas.
  • Ask your loved ones how you can pray for them this Christmas and tell them you’ll be faithful in praying that for them.
  • Write a favorite Psalm as a prayer for your loved one and give it to them at Christmas, promising to pray it for them often.

Share your own ideas for giving the gift of prayer this Christmas in the comments! Together, let’s ask God to help us be more faithful in praying for our loved ones in the new year.

May our Immanuel’s presence and peace be ever so close to your heart this Christmas!

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